A Romantic Weekend | Part 2



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Anna woke up the next morning with a dripping pussy. She noticed Emily hadn’t woken up yet and so she thought to herself about having a little fun. Slowly getting up, she walked over to Emily’s desk and picked up the box she had for Emily as a gift. Taking the collar from it and tossing the note and box aside she made her way back to Emily who was just now stirring from her sleep.

“Good morning baby cakes.” Anna said with a smile pulling Emily to a sitting position and moving behind her. “How are you feeling this morning?”

“I-I’m okay baby.” Emily said weakly, still dazed and tired. “How are you?”

“Horny” Anna said with a rough tone as she wrapped the collar tightly around Emily’s neck gagging her a little bit.

“Agh!” Emily gagged. “W-what are you…What is…” Emily blushed deeply as she realized what was happening. “Wait this is so sudden though don’t you want to discuss this first?”

Anna chuckled ignoring the question. She reached over and grabbed the strapless dildo on the floor and layered a good portion of the aphrodisiac lubricant bottle onto it filling the room with a strawberry scent. She tapped Emily’s butt signaling for her to kneel up which she did obediently. Anna took her position behind Emily as she knelt down and slipped the bulbous end of the dildo into her pussy making her shiver and groan from the pleasure. She put a thin coat of the lubricant onto her hand and then reaches around Emily and wrapped her hand around her shaft.

“Mmmm be a good girl for momma.” Anna giggled and slowly pulled back Emily’s foreskin causing her cock to shake and swell with blood. Cum already filling into the lower portion of her shaft.

With a gentle cupping of Emily’s breast and a slow pull back on her hips, Anna slid the dildo into her pussy with ease. The sensation and stimulation shook Emily causing her to moan and scream. Just as she did her foreskin was pulled back from her tip revealing the sensitive gland underneath.

With each slow, mind numbing, body shivering movement of the dildo inside Emily, more and more juices flowed from each of their pussies filling the room with the sweet smell of passion, and arousal that only a true Mistress and Slave couple could have.

As the room fills with their smell overcoming the strawberry scent Anna twists and pulls at Emily’s nipple piercing causing her to moan and drip thick pre-cum through Anna’s fingers that were busy toying and teasing her tip. As Emily moaned into the ceiling of the room Anna had the uncontrollable urge to passionate lick Emily’s neck scooping up all of her sweat and moisture that was accumulating on her.

As Anna licked her neck, Emily slowly reached down to her cock. Unable to control herself anymore she just had to touch herself. She had to cum. She needed this so badly but as she was just about to touch the tip Anna grabbed her wrist and pulled back some.

“Ah ah ah.” Anna said with a devilish smirk. “Who’s mommas good girl?”

Emily could only moan because just as she was about to answer Anna ran her finger across her cock hole and slowly began to quicken the pace of her thrusts. Emily’s cock continued to ooze the thick pre-cum and her shaft accumulated more of the sweet juices. Ready to erupt any second as Emily moaned.

She felt the dildo sliding in and out of her with every thrust. The texture running across her insides passionately and lovingly. As Emily was thinking about cumming she didn’t realize Anna had moved her hand from hers and grabbed her neck turning her into the most passionate kiss she had ever had in her life.

With tongues twisting together in an orgy of love and ecstasy, Emily moaned as she was pushed into heaven on earth and erupted in a powerful orgasm shooting her cum across the room and coating the floor in a thick goo. Feeling extremely light headed Emily smiled and sighed falling away from the kiss and passing out onto the floor.

“You’re mommas good girl.” Anna said with a smile.

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    1. Hi Cowboy! Thanks! And you’re right, these two little hot girls make fireworks together! And I love to work with them, it’s like they have their own life! Anna is insatiable and Emily can’t resist to the sweet scent and honey juices of her girlfriend!

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