Angel and Demon Slushe Contest Submission

Hi there!

Here’s my entry for the Angel and Demon Slushe Contest (Poll is open!).

I love the theme and I wanted to create something about that topic since I started doing 3dx ?.
That’s why this pic is a sort of snapshot of a potential story that can be developed in the future ?.
For now I just leave it to your immagination…???.

Poll is open until August 24th, 2019.

Miki ❤

9 Responses

  1. OMG !!! Great job !!! And would this potential story have anything to do with The Experiment? As I said in another comment, the identity of mistress Alexis is still unknown… :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

    1. Hi there! Thank you! I was going to reply to your other comment but I’ll do here :).
      Well, I’m sorry but there’s no plan to link a story based on angels and demons to the Experiment serie, I also want to keep the events of the Research Lab far from fantasy, except for some spinoffs like Futastic Girl. To be honest I have an idea for a story that in some way recalls a sort of hell or a parallel universe…you know the movie “Event Horizon”? This could be a good reference :D.
      I know, Mistress Alexis is still unknown, for now I can only say that she’s even more cruel than Valery…

  2. The angel is first captured by the demon and then raped into submission.
    I hope the story is not that simple. Such rape stories are already on the Internet.
    I’m hoping for a romantic love story with a happy ending. 😉

    For example: The Angel (Nicole) was cursed by another demon because of her relationship with the demon in the picture here (Valery). The evil demon has been defeated, but to break the curse Valery has to absorb a lot of sexual energy and Nicole is more than willing to help. 🙂
    Granted, that’s a bit thin, but you can expand that even further. 🙂

    The picture looks very promising anyway. The sparkling sparks, the flowing body fluids, the tentacles and the glowing navel tattoo, light and shadow, all very spectacular.

    I wish you much success for the Slushe Contest. Great Picture.

    1. Hi Shion! That’s a nice plot but it would not fit good with the actual Valery and Nicole relation. But I can say that the “cursed” part will be present in a way. Nicole is a naive person, after all. ?
      I’m glad you like the pic and that you noticed all the details! With some research you can see the meaning of the glowing symbol! ?
      And thanks for the wishes! ?

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