3DX Discord Presents L.E.W.D

Charity Event! 3DX Discord Presents L.E.W.D.: The League of Erotic Women and Dickgirls!

L.E.W.D.: The League of Erotic Women and Dickgirls, the latest charity set organized by the 3DX Discord, is now available for purchase at Affect3d Store!
Your generous purchase of this set will support the mission of Doctors Without Borders, so you can feel good while you get your feel on.

Includes “FUTASTIC GIRL”, my 25 image set made as contribute to this amazing project!

200 and more images made by 11 amazing 3DX artists are waiting for you at Affect3D Store:

L.E.W.D.: The League of Erotic Women and Dickgirls


NB: The product has been temporarily removed from the store, it will come back next year, sorry for the inconvenience 🙂

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    1. Hi there! Thx, I forgot to mention that the product has been removed from the store but will be out again the next year 🙂

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