Collar Prop for Daz Studio – Release

Artist friends!
I’m glad to announce that my new prop, a fully customizable collar for Daz Studio, is finally out!

For more details check the official prop store page on Renderotica!

And for my fan friends here’s the gallery with all the promotional pics made by amazing 3dx artists friends!

5 Responses

  1. many thanks for this awesome Collar 😉 Just one suggestion: it would be fantastic if there would be an option to add multiple pendants (e.g. multiple rings).

  2. Also it would be awesome to be able to customize the text (don’t know if that’s technically possible) 😉

  3. Amazing work on the collar, i just have say one thing now that im trying to use it for a christmas themed set, the lack of naughty/nice texts feels like a missed opportunity lol

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