Latex Suit – Release

Artist friends!

I’m glad to announce that my new item for Daz3d Studio, a fully customizable Latex Suit, is finally out!
Please check the official Renderotica store page for more details!

Be sure to check the following image gallery with all the Latex Suit features and the promo pics made by amazing 3dx artists friends!


7 Responses

  1. I am not such a fan of full body latex clothing. I mean, you can’t see the body anymore. It can also be dangerous.
    There was a guy who went to a dominatrix studio to try something new. So he slipped into such a full-body condom, was tied up and gagged without knowing that he was allergic to latex.
    When the reaction started, he tried to tell the dominatrix what was wrong, but the gag in his mouth was not very helpful. So while he writhed and screamed the dominatrix wondered what a good job she was doing and happily whipped on until … yes until the guy suddenly stopped moving.
    Why am I telling you this? No idea. ^^
    Whatever pleases both is allowed, I always say. ^^

    1. Shion this could be the plot for an horror movie!
      Anyway I got what you mean, latex is a niche and I don’t like all the different branches, like inflating, fake face masks…but if used right it could be really hot.
      I think I learned how to like it, in some way 🙂

  2. Hi Miki, I bought this set and use it on Daz3d, it was amazing Render outcome, I Love it very much!
    Hope you can design more related asset like this, and I will continue to support you at Renderotica!


    1. Hi! I’m glad you like it and thank you so much for your support!
      Unfortunately, there are no plans for a new prop for now, but keep in touch!
      I’d love to see your creation with the latex suit!
      If you want you can join my discord channel (Link in home page) and show something!
      Thanks again!

      1. Thanks for the invite, I Already joined there.
        Well TBH, i would wait for your next prop after your main development. (Worth the wait :))
        I am still in learning of making nice rendering, so i’ll post there when i feel confident enough.


  3. This is quite simply the single best latex catsuit there is for Daz! The options and colors are incredible! What’s more, you paid close attention to the mask, instead of opting for “quick and dirty”, like a number of other products. This is an easy 10/10! Thanks!

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