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The following is the last known recording of Agent MacKenzie. She was performing intelligence on a pharmaceutical company that had specialties, “sexual health.” Her client, a competitor, sought out information on a new series of toys that proved to be quite popular.

“Fuck, you don’t know how much hell I went through to get these files. That’s the bizarre thing. Usually this information’s easy to pick up. Some glorified sex toy division, it usually doesn’t have this much security and subterfuge going on. But I kept getting sidewalled and misled. What little I got from the toys themselves wasn’t much: Just seemed like one of those high-end toys you see from boutique companies. Why would a pharmaceutical company design this?

“Then I realized I was looking in the wrong place. I went to R&D, and found something…surprising. The toys in mass production aren’t the originals. They’re not even close to what they initially had planned. Turns out, they found this…this bio-organic material. Almost alien, I think. It has this unique property of creating feedback when attached to the body. No, no, that’s not quite right. How should I describe this? When attached, it feels like a part of your body. Not like that “second skin” shit. I’m talking actual body parts you can feel, and sometimes even control.

“That has HUGE implications in pharmaceuticals. Damaged nerves, paralysis, amputated limbs…They would be gone thanks to this material. That’s why I couldn’t find it: It was part of this other project. They did a small experiment to see how this material would would work in a “sexual health” setting. Creating a dildo, they had it tested on a woman. She found that…uh…she found that while holding the dildo…err, this is embarrassing, but it felt like she was holding and touching her own penis. Like, this dildo had become her penis. It was so…strange.

“Anyway, they developed some prototypes that were double dildos. They look a bit like what’s being produced today, but not quite. Based on the images I got, they were rather mesmerizing. They looked…uh, alive. Real. It makes you want to touch them to see if they’re alive…

“…Oh, sorry, I lost my train of my thought. Anyway, they tested it on a few women, some members of their staff. The results were…amazing. Shortly after being fitted with the toys, they felt like they gained a penis. No, literally. These toys became a functional part of their bodies! They were living dildos.

“But that’s not even what makes it sooooo wonderful. Wait, no, not wonderful. Intriguing. That’s the word. Anyway, so they started playing with their dicks. No, toys, they started playing with the toys, and their bodies began to change! And we’re not talking some plastic surgery bullshit. First, they changed color. Yes, I’m serious. Their skin, their hair, even their EYES changed color to match with the toy. And in this time, they started stroking the toys like they were their own penises. It was so trippy.”

“You’d think that’d be the end of it, but the researchers just let them keep going! Isn’t that crazy? And that’s when things got really weird. One of the women, Megan, began to change even more. Her skin became all scaly, even her tits…excuse me, breasts. Her ears also became pointed. It was like she became a sea nymph or elf or something. One of the fantasy creatures. She looked so…ravishing.

“Oh, I’m getting ahead of myself. The second woman, Valery, began to bulk up significantly in the spirit with her green dildo. She also got really veiny and tense. She was like that green superhero character…what’s his name…Oh, it’s not important.

“The last woman had the most dramatic transformation of all, though. Her name was Janine. Her limbs changed dramatically from human to bionic, or mechanical. Something of that nature. She had become this weird, beautiful mix of human and cyborg. Which is odd, too, given her “dick” had the head of some alien creature. Hmm. Maybe the transformations are guided by a person’s desires as well as the dildo’s features?

“Anyway, after they reach this point, they started to lose control. It’s like they suddenly had the libido of a dozen men at once. They entered the common space of the lab area, and just began…copulating. No, let’s be real. They fucked. They fucked in so many different positions, I lost count. They kept going and going…and going…and going. Oooh…oops, daydreamed a little there. They kept at it for over four hours, with no let up in stamina. They weren’t even speaking to the other researchers at this point, and their voices started to sound strange. Plus the dildos seemed to weld to their users. I had to replay the whole thing a few times to be sure. It was 4 and a half hours when they killed the test by flooding the chamber with anesthetic gas, knocking them out.

“Eventually, the women reverted to normal, but the whole project was dead. Not just the dicks, the whole material thing that I was discussing earlier. What was it? Sorry, I can’t stop thinking about this. In any case, that’s what should be the end of this report. But…

“Something else happened afterward. While the women returned to normal shortly after some rest that day, they eventually went missing. Nobody in the company knows where they went. The company is hunting them down, because the same day they disappeared, the prototypes were gone as well! They think of the toys as ‘dangerous.’ In their hands, who knows what they’re doing with them?

“Well, I want to know. I want to see these dildos in action as dicks for myself. I know these women took them home, and I don’t blame them. Still, I couldn’t believe the footage. It just looked too…fun to be true. I need to see what they are and how they work. You know, just so my client is not being toyed with. I’ll find these women myself. I’m an expert at finding people, so it shouldn’t take too long. So don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Agent MacKenzie out.”

It has been three weeks since Agent MacKenzie was last seen, two weeks since the recording of this report. Her whereabouts and status are unknown.

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  1. I come back and read this story about once a month. So love the concept and execution. Would LOVE to see more living dildos. More of the same or new concepts!

    1. Hi there! I’m glad you like the concept! For now it’s on stand by, it was made to promote the strapless dildo expansion pack that I made for the store, but who knows! I’d love to do more with these living dildos in the future! Or maybe with the second expansion pack? ?

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