Self Initiation – Announcement

Before you say something let me reassure you, The Experiment Chapter Four is still alive, the comic with text is done as well as the video, the only part missing is the voice-over and it’s in the works.
I’ll explain the delay in the next post, so please forgive me if I don’t give you more info now.
Anyway, today I have something special for you!
Maybe you remember Dr. Megan comic, I started it a few years ago (2018, wow!) and it was intended as a prequel of The Experiment series.
After the first 25 pics, which can be found here on my website, I stopped the development to work on the TEC series because I wanted a global overview of the whole story.
Well, now that I’m going to release TEC4, I remastered the old pics of Dr. Megan, created 30 new pics, and reworked the text, making an almost complete new comic, now called Self Initiation!
As mentioned before, Self initiation is a prequel story that happens before the events of the TEC series, and it contains something that can let you enjoy the upcoming TEC4 to the fullest.
But that’s just the first reason why I recommend reading it!
Next are because it’s FREE and because it will be out the next Wednesday, April 7!
I know you are tired but I hope it will make the wait of TEC4 more bearable…just a little bit, at least! 😀

Miki :*

Self Initiation is FREE and it will be out on Wednesday, April 7!

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        1. Ah, it’s on the gumroad product page anyway here it is! 🙂


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