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Damn! I have this post on the draft box from months! But It so happens that the cover on the interview post is exactly what I’m working on now, so I think it’s ok!.
Anyway…as the winner of the Valentine Day contest (thanks again for you support!) I was interviewed by Slushe for a page on their glittery website!

A little excerpt…

What draws you to create 3DX, rather than other mediums for artistic expression?

Well, to be honest, I started as a 3D generalist artist almost 20 years ago (yes, I’m old), ranging from architecture to video games. Then, three years ago, on a totally random day, I tried to merge my 3D knowledge with my passion for the female body, and then everybody knows what happened :D!

I do 3DX because I know how 3D works and now it’s part of me. I was good with 2D when I was a child but then I lost my touch, probably because I started…

…if you are curious please continue on Slushe following this link:

I hope you enjoy it!



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  1. Congratulations for winning the contest.

    And it’s great to learn more about you, your inspirations, your way of working and your professional skills related to the world of video games.

    I also look forward to Cyberpunk 2077;)

    1. Hi there! Oh, I thought you were talking about something different, like a story about Nicole, if I remember right. I’m sorry but I’ve already sketched the scripts for Ep4 and more, my series are related in some way as they’re part of a big story that develops episode after episode. But thanks anyway!

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