The Experiment Ch.3 – Virtual Tour


Explore the Surgery room where the experiment is going to take place!

  • Navigation: Click and drag your mouse over the scene to move the view!
  • Hotspots: Click or move your mouse over the hotspots to browse the scenes and see informations about the medical devices!
  • Fullscreen: Click on the Top-Left square for the fullscreen mode!
  • Zoom: Use your mouse wheel or the “+” and “-” buttons you find on the Top-Left corner to zoom the scene in and out!

8 Responses

    1. Hi Shion! This tech is really old, I remember 360 tours inside cd-roms…but well, they’re always effective! Thx ?

  1. Thanks for the tour! Wonderful work you do, I greatly appreciate your effort. Tossing nickles and dimes into a jar so I can get the release, soon I hope.
    Thank you again.

    1. Hi there! I’m glad you like it! I really hope you’ll enjoy the next release and that it will worth the money you’re saving! Thanks! ??

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