TEC4 – Development Update #03

Hi there and welcum to another episode of The Experiment Chapter Four  – Development Update!

I probably told myself a lie when I said the hardest part was done.
The fine-tuning took longer than expected and I completely forgot how tedious was the setup of a fluid simulation.
But it’s ok! I’m happy where I am now, I fixed a lot of little things and the comic is taking its final shape!

Here are the updated progress bar and circles:

And as always I hope you enjoy the preview!
Today we have a scared Nicole looking at a harmless medical device!

See you on the next update!

Miki :*



2 Responses

  1. Harmless? By her expression it either was just removed OR is about to be inserted! And that device in her other hand – uh oh! Possible destinations: Inside her new penis, her vagina, her anus, or…?

    This is getting better and better! I hope you offer a four-pack price option!

  2. Awesome !! I love Nicole’s expression, as well as the sweating effects and the redness on her face !! Bravo !!

    Andrea Bond : since there are two sextoys of the same kind… I think more for her nipples ! ^^

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