TEC4 – Development Update #05

Hi there and welcum to the awaited update of The Experiment Chapter Four!

I told you animations would have been the most bitchy part of the entire project, and so it was!
I wasted two whole weeks over a couple of animations (not the one you see above) and I was so exhausted that I took a break of a few days.
The good side is that I improved the workflow a lot and now I can work smoothly on the last animations!
I feel a bit ashamed of showing you so little progress but here it is ^_^’

And today I leave you with a small animation!
Nicoles clit is already throbbing so fast and it’s just the beginning…will she resist the final treatment?

Sorry again for the small update!

Miki :*

8 Responses

  1. Waouh !! Amazing !! You’re doing a really good job. Bravo !!!
    I don’t mind waiting, because I know the quality will be there.
    Continue like this !!

  2. Miki,
    We all are thrilled with the update – no matter how big or little – progress! Waiting eagerly for the climax of your work – and Nicole, too! (winks)
    Andrea in Ohio USA

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