TEC4 – Development Update #06


Hi there and welcum to the sixth update of The Experiment Chapter Four!

Sorry for the delay but I worked super hard on the animations and I want to be honest, I didn’t expect so much work!
I mean, after some troubles mentioned in the previous post, the flow is really smooth now but…they are a lot!
Anyway, a few more tweaks and I’ll be done with them, half are rendered already and I can’t wait to put my hands back to the comic text!

Here are the updated progress bars:

I hope you enjoy the clit…I mean the clip, as much as Nicole is enjoying the massage…^_^

See you at the next update!

Miki <3

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  1. Awesome stuff. How much longer must we wait for the full reveal? It’s getting tough being teased.
    Although still exciting!

    1. Hi! Do you mean the title or the balloons text?
      For the title I use ITC Avant Garde and for the balloons Anime Ace 🙂

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