TEC4 – Development Update #07

Hi there and welcum to the seventh episode of The Experiment Chapter Four – Development Update!

It has been a huuuuuuge work but the animations are finally done!
Now I can finally work on the text, giving the comic its final shape!

And here are the progress bars, I’m so happy there are so many full circles!
The 10% left in the render circle is about the comic images, they’ll be rendered at final quality from the next week!

The image above is from the beginning of the comic, with some fresh text just added!
Nicole woke up with a “little” help from Valery…but there is no time to waste, she has experiments to run!

See you at the next update, probably one of the last ones before the release!


Miki <3

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    1. Hi Bob sorry for the wait I’m working really hard to finish everything and have a release date! I hope to reveal it soon 🙂

        1. Hi! While doing text I reworked a part I was not happy with and it took longer than expected!
          I’ll make an update soon! Sorry 🙂

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