TEC4 – Development Update #08

Hi there and welcum to the eighth and last (hooray!!!) episode of The Experiment Chapter Four – Development Update!
First of all sorry for the long wait, and before the good news let me update you about what happened during the last 4 months of almost nothing.
Well, while working on the text I noticed that something didn’t work as expected, the flow was not smooth as I wanted, and I ended up reworking some parts of the comic.
As expected, changes had a domino effect, that led to a huge waste of time redoing poses, animations, and renders!
Not to mention the continuous fights with DAZ, the software I use for almost everything, that’s not properly made to animate.
That’s why I decided, after a long time, to take the first step into Blender, a complete 3d suite that should make everything a little easier.
That said, TEC4 might be the last project made in DAZ, but it depends on the results I’ll get while playing with Blender.
Maybe I’ll be able to show you something soon as the first tests are not that bad!
Anyway, back to the important thing, I’m happy to announce that TEC4 will see the light really soon!


Miki :*

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