TEC4 – Development Update #01

Hi there!

Today I’d love to update you about The Experiment Chapter Four, introducing a more detailed progress bar.

The main development progress bar is now calculated using 6 circles (the number depends on the project) that show the percentage of each development step.
The weight of each step over the main bar is different, for example, the Draft step is almost 50% of the entire development process.

But let’s see what each step is about:


This step includes environment and props setup/creation, character posing, cameras and lights setup, and a fast render of each scene.
Everything is raw in order to have a fast preview of the overall project and see if everything works well.
The creation of the Draft can be shorter or longer and it depends on how many characters are in the scene, how many new models are created (env, props, characters), and on the complexity of the story.


The polishing step is the fine-tuning of the draft.
Characters’ poses are finalized, as well as camera position and focus. Lighting is also adjusted and finalized in post-process.


This is where girls get wet! Pussy juices, spits, and cums are painted for each scene, and as you may know, I care a lot about this step!
If you want to know more check this article where I talk about why fluids are important in the 3dx scene.


In this step, scenes come to life! Small animated loops are created for some of the hottest scenes. These will show up at the right time giving some dynamism to the story.

Rendering and Text

Maybe you wonder why these two steps are together, well, it’s because while the PC does the dirty job rendering the final images and animations, I write the text for the comic’s balloons.


This is the last part, where I take a breath creating the promo pics, the trailer, and everything needed for the awaited launch!


That’s all!
You’ll find the new development section on the homepage and I’ll use that to update you more often about the project progress!
As for The Experiment Chapter Four (I hope you liked the preview pic), I almost finished the draft and I plan to start the polishing the next week!


Miki :*

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  1. Excitement builds. I’m really looking forward to Nicole’s transformation. Hottest thing on the web right now!

  2. This is an awesome update and fuels my anticipation of the completion of the next version, it’s going to be epic!

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