TEC4 – Release

And…here we are!
After a long (very long) work I’m glad to announce that…The Experiment Chapter Four is out!
The Comic Version, which includes the comic set, image set, and GIFs, is available starting from today on Gumroad, Renderotica and NextGenPorn!
The Affect3d Version, which includes the contents of the comic version and an exclusive 8 minutes video, will see the light next Saturday, May 22!
First of all, I want to thank you for your patience, I really hope it was worth the wait.
I care a lot about this series, that’s why I spent time refining it to give you the best product possible, far from perfection but, it’s made with love!
I also want to thank my collaborators for their effort in improving the whole product!
Thanks to the great writer @Solitarycafe that did an amazing work proofreading and editing the comic text, as well as writing the video script.
And thanks to the sound engineer @CableNsfw and his magic touch over the audio part of the video!
Finally, I thank all those who have supported me since the beginning! I wouldn’t be here without your help! Thank you! Thank you so much!
So, if you are interested in the Comic Version, you can get your copy right now!

The Experiment Chapter Four

And if you are new to the series, you can get the Bundle containing the Experiment Series including Self Initiation at a special price!

The Experiment Bundle

Thanks again for your support, good reading!

With love,
Miki :*

Affect3d Release will be available on Saturday May 22

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  1. Bravo !! Thank you for your work !! I guess it wasn’t always easy… I’m going to wait for the full version of Affect3d, but I’m really looking forward to the 22nd !!

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