The Dark Room Prelude – Release

I’m finally glad to announce that The Dark Room Prelude is out!

This is a big milestone for me since this is the first release made with a new software (blender) that I started learning about one year ago, after 5 years of Daz3d!
Well, most of the assets are still from Daz, but the scenes composition, the animation and the render is made with the new one!
One of the main points of the software switch is because the new one comes with a real-time render engine (eevee) that gives an immediate preview of the final render. Also, the animation pipeline is very powerful, and it allows me to work on longer and more detailed animations!
But forgive me for the nerdy parenthesis, and let’s talk about the comic!

The Dark Room Prelude is a spicy lesbian story that takes place before the Bimbo Training Series: it contains many reference to that series, but it’s also linked to the event that will happen after it, that will be revealed in The Dark Room, where things will get more intense…
I don’t want to spoil too much, but I let you discover more details about the new product in the store page!

Before leaving, I want to sincerely thank those who collaborated with me, so thanks to the amazing voice actress LamiaVA for giving voice to Janine and editing the SFX of the video you’ll find inside the release, and thanks to the Copy-Editor Solitary Cafè for the incredible work he did on more than 100 pages of comic text!
Also thanks to Morelewd that helped with Janine’s boobs physics you can enjoy in the included video!
And thanks to all of you, of course, for your amazing support and love! Thanks, thanks, thank you very much for making this possible!

I really hope you will enjoy The Dark Room Prelude!

With love, Miki :*

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