The Elevator

I want to play a game.

When the elevator moves, dildos on your ass and pussy fuck you hard, giving you a chance to climax.
As the doors open, the machine stops, ruining your orgasm.
You can’t get any help, but maybe you can ask for one more run.
I mean…if you could just speak!
The game ends when you cum, how many rides will it take?
Oh, and don’t move too much.
If the clamps come off, you lose instantly.

6 Responses

  1. The quadruple labia lip clamps distending her to accept the evil rough dildo is exquisite! BRAVO! And probably six rides… one for post orgasm ravaging to get a second orgasm!

    1. Hi and thanks! The labia clamps is a thing I’ve always wanted to try, and I had no excuses this time :D.
      I plan to use them for a future comic, having the inner labia exposed grants the best result in long sessions with automated machines.

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