The Experiment Ch.3 – Cover


I’m glad to show you the official cover of my next release, available soon at the Affect3d Store!

If you are new and curious about “The Experiment” serie I suggest you to check the previous chapters!

Stay tuned for the official announcement!


Miki :*

4 Responses

    1. Hi there! It’s so cool you noticed this detail!
      The V.M.C.L. prototype you’ve seen in Dr.Megan is from a different experiment, while the previous versions of the F.U.T.A. project have been tested on two next comics that take place in a previous timeline.

  1. Yes, it’s noted on the monitor of the medical machine “F.U.T.A PROJECT ver03”; I can’t wait to know more !

    1. Nice! Well, I have the script for first versions of the F.U.T.A. project from three years, I can’t wait to work on the beginning of this serie ?

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