The Experiment Ch.3 – Preview

Hi there!

I’m sorry for the long delay, but I was hiding in a cave trying to finish the core of this endless comic and reserve a release date!
I usually prefer to be in a sort of “safe zone” before to make any announcement, since everything can go wrong at any time, and Murphy law is not my friend lately 😅.

Be patient a little more and I promise you’ll be rewarded 🙏.

While waiting and hoping to arouse your curiosity, please enjoy some previews of the beginning of the story 😉.

But that’s not all of it, if you scroll down after the images…

…you can see a couple of the animated GIFs which will be include in the final product!
These animated loops, after being copied inside the comic folder, show up at the right time giving a more immersive reading.

NOTE: The Gfycat player allows you to change the quality and the speed of the animation 😉.



I really hope you like what you see, I know this comic is months in the making but this is not a reason to throw it away.
It deserve the same quality as my other works, because, first of all, you deserve a quality product 🙂.

Thanks 😘

Miki ❤


2 Responses

  1. That looks very promising and really well done.
    Looks like Nicole is transformed into a Futanari (oh yes, please).
    And do not worry, it lasts as long as it takes. I guess nobody will reproach you.
    keep up the great work

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