The Experiment Ch.3 – Release

After almost two years (Chapter Two was released on

The Experiment Chapter Three

Thank you very much for your patience!

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  1. OH MY GOD !! Awesome !! It will have been a long wait (yes yes yes ^^)…. but it was definitely worth it ! You’re the only 3d author I’m watching for. The Experiment Chapter Three paid, downloaded and read.CONGRATULATIONS for your work ! I look forward to Chapter 4, with the transformation of Nicole (because it’s not over yet, if I understood correctly) and that of Dr. Megan !! in a word : BRAVO !!!

    1. Hi Guillaume! First of all thanks for your support! Then, I’m glad you like my work! GRAZIE! And…yes, the trasformation will continue, for our Miss Nicole this is just the beginning…❤

    1. Hi Cowboy thank you! Sometimes I report them to the DMCA but for one they put down five new are up!

  2. Experiment 1, 2 and 3 are the best ever. Woud you care for a script-idea for Nicole? I have a really sexy idea.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you like the serie! I use to not get scripts from others since I like is to write the stories for my comics, but I won’t stop your creativity! Maybe I can get some inpirations from it! Write to miki3dx@gmail.com when you have something, thanks!

  3. Any chance for this to get a fully animated version? While I was browsing the web, I came across a short clip of this work and found it very erotic. (I especially like the whole futa/orgasm denial concept) So I went on a journey to find the full version of the clip I saw, which lead me here.I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed when I found out that this was mainly a comic work (with a 2 min video attached to it).

    Anyways it’s probably really difficult/expensive to produce a fully animated version, but I thought I just drop by to show my support. Good luck!

  4. Miki this is so totally erotic, well thought out, and rendered exquisitely! BRAVO! It is April 2020 and I just now discovered your creativity and artistry!

    I love how your mind works… Ciao! xoxo ♥♥ Andrea

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