The Experiment Chapter Four is in the works!


Hi there! Big news today!

I’m pleased to announce that The Experiment Chapter Four is in the works!
Here is also some animations of the toy I made a few days ago that show how it can adapt to every size and purpose!
Megan can’t really wait to use it, and guess who’s going to take that? I leave you to find that out!

See you soon with more updates!


Miki 😘

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  1. I already told you… but it’s my favorite show !!! After that, I’m really looking forward to discovering all your other works ! And good work on the pump and the sextoy !!!!

  2. One of the finest photostories of all digital artistry! Bravo, cannot wait to see this next installment! And I’m sure the collection device will be used to extract as much “experimental” body fluids as possible. I wonder where these fluids shall be inserted, drank, injected, poured over, ingested or bred? 🙂

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