The Experiment Chapter Three – Preview

Here you can see a little preview of The Experiment Chapter Three, with some details of the Nuclear Lab / Operating Room and some…tools ?!

You don’t know what that is? TEC3 is the next chapter of “The Experiment” series, a medical fetish comic where a simple doctor’s appointment soon becomes a nightmare for the unaware patient.
Are you curious? Check the previous chapters here!

The Experiment Chapter Three is in full development and it will have a release date soon!

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Miki ?





9 Responses

      1. Loved it! This was so awesome and totally hot! The animation blew me away! Can’t wait for chapter 4.

  1. I check this every day, sometimes multiple times a day, just hoping there will be more sneak peeks, or advancement on the production of chapter three. I hope to see it soon! You’re the best 3dx artist there is

        1. Well, Someone, maybe you know about the mutagen properties…so, I’ll leave your immagination to do the rest ?

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