Black Friday Sales 2023

COMICS AND ANIMATIONS AFFECT 3D Description: 50% off with purchase of $30 or more using the coupon code Coupon Code: bf2023 Link: Affect 3D Store Page RENDEROTICA Description: 40% off on all Comics! Link: Renderotica Store Page GUMROAD Description: 40% off on all Comics using the following coupon code Coupon Code: bf2023 Link: Gumroad Store […]

Fluid Painter for Blender

A Free version of Fluid Painter is still available on Smutbase. It’s now called Fluid Painter NSFW and it contains a set of lewd fluid presets.It will also get most of the features updates from the standard version as well as new NSFW presets. Thanks ^_^ Click here to get Fluid Painter NSFW for Free […]

Fuck Machine for Daz Studio

Unleash your wildest fantasies with Fuck Machine for Daz Studio! This prop features an adjustable frame and two motors with moving pistons, delivering a truly immersive experience that will take your pleasure to the next level. And with three exciting sex toys that can be attached to any motor and a wireless controller* to adjust the speed and intensity, your pleasure is in your hands. Plus, with materials compatible with Iray and the […]

Fuck Machine for Blender – Release

My dear artist friends! I’m pretty excited to release my first blender product, and I really hope to see it in action in your amazing works! I tried to make it simple and clean, but with many realistic details! For more info, visit the store link!

Fuck Machine for Blender

Fuck Machine is a Blender 3d prop that includes an adjustable frame and two different motors with adjustable and animated pistons! It also includes 3 dildos that can be attached to the motor pistons using the Snap! add-on included! Fuck Machine v1.00 is the first public release, but more features will be added in the […]

Merry Christmas!!!

🎄🎁🌟 Merry Christmas!!! 🌟🎁🎄 I hope that you are having a wonderful holiday season and are able to spend time with loved ones! May the joy and magic of Christmas fill your hearts and homes! With love, Miki ❤️🙏🥰

Janine and Denise x Dark Room

The Dark Room is in the work, and I’m glad to show you the dress code of the two main starring girls! Janine is dressed in her Mistress outfit from the Bimbo Training series, but in addition, she wears a puff jacket and bumpy gloves in the same color palette. Yes, the dark room is pretty […]

Black Friday Sales 2022

AFFECT 3D Description: 40% off with purchase of $40 or more using the coupon code Coupon Code: friday22 More info about the offer: Black Friday Sales at Affect3D Link: Affect 3D Store Page RENDEROTICA Description: 40% off over all Comics and Daz3d Props! Link: Renderotica Store Page GUMROAD Description: 40% off over all Comics using […]

The Dark Room Prelude – Release

I’m finally glad to announce that The Dark Room Prelude is out! This is a big milestone for me since this is the first release made with a new software (blender) that I started learning about one year ago, after 5 years of Daz3d! Well, most of the assets are still from Daz, but the […]

The Dark Room Prelude

Early into her training at the Villa, before she was a full fledged bimbo, Faith became enamored with a certain maid. The tension was always there: a fleeting glance, a playful smile. Their distance was kept for a good while, but every temptation has a limit, and forbidden fruit often tastes the sweetest… A grooming […]