Denise and the Mini-Kraken!

Here comes the Kraken!!! Oh…wait! What’s that? It looks like Denise messed up the washing machine! I told you to read the manual! Dumb girl! Guess what summoned the tentacles of the Mini-Kraken?

The Experiment Chapter Four is in the works!

  Hi there! Big news today! I’m pleased to announce that The Experiment Chapter Four is in the works! Here is also some animations of the toy I made a few days ago that show how it can adapt to every size and purpose! Megan can’t really wait to use it, and guess who’s going […]

Mistress Janine Interview

Mistress Janine was interviewed by @Solitarycafe for @Nextgenporn! If you wish to know more about her I recommend taking a look! Intriguing details inside! Cafe: Thanks so much for agreeing to do an interview with us, Mistress Janine! Mistress Janine: Yes, but let’s make this quick, my diary is pretty full. Cafe: Understood! We’re so […]

Bimbo Training Session Three – Release

The day has finally come! The Bimbo Training series has now a proper end, and I really hope it was worth the wait! Curious about Mistress Janine’s plans for bimbo Faith? And don’t forget Denise! Will she get in trouble this time? Bimbo Training Session Three is now available at your favorite 3dx stores! 👉 […]

Bimbo Training Bundle

This bundle compiles five comics about Faith, a beautiful young woman on a path to bimbofication, and becoming the perfect slave for her mistress, Janine. Faith will experience increasing heights of pleasure and pain as she experiences sessions of teasing, edging, and orgasm denial. Mistress Janine will constantly push Faith’s limits to new heights, with […]

Bimbo Training Session Three

Faith is training to become a bimbo slave, and this is her last and hardest lesson. Mistress Janine, with the help of her maid Denise, will prepare the trainee’s body for a very special session. Will Faith endure teasing and denial to a completely new level?

Bimbo Training Girls Poll

Bimbo Training Session Three hits stores in two days! While waiting I’d love to know your preference among the three girls of the Bimbo Training series! Thanks for your time! 😘

BTS3 Release Date!

Announcement!!! Bimbo Training Session Three will be available next Saturday, May 30! Did you miss the previous chapters? Don’t worry! The same day will be released Bimbo Training Bundle, containing all the releases! Faith looks excited! And you?

Bimbo Training S3 – Cover

I’m glad to show you the cover of my upcoming comic Bimbo Training Session Three! If you know me a little, when I show you the cover it’s because I have a release date, so…stay tuned! Miki 😘