Black Friday Sales 2021

  AFFECT 3D Description: 40% off with purchase of $30 or more using the coupon code Coupon Code: friday21 More info about the offer: Black Friday Sales at Affect3D Link: Affect 3D Store Page NEXTGENPORN Description: Black Friday SALES! – 40% off on 20USD+ orders Link: Nextgenporn Store Page RENDEROTICA Description: 40% off over all […]

FutaGen Preview

Hi there! I’m glad to present you FutaGen in its final form, a futanari prop born from the mix of Futalicious and NewGens! And good news for the artist friends, I found a way to release it as Daz model! FutaGen will be free, but to use it you must own both the original props, Futalicious and […]

Anna – Dragon Dildo Session

This is a big milestone for me. Far from being productive, but after almost two months studying Blender and several headaches, it’s time to share the results. Thanks to all the artists for the help and thanks to my fans for the support! I LOVE YOU!

TEC4 – Video Trailer

Do you know that the Affect3d release of The Experiment Chapter Four comes with an 8-minute video with SFX and Voice Over? Well, in case you missed it I made a little trailer to show you some of the features! And if you like it, you can get it from the link below!

TEC4 – Release

And…here we are! After a long (very long) work I’m glad to announce that…The Experiment Chapter Four is out! The Comic Version, which includes the comic set, image set, and GIFs, is available starting from today on Gumroad, Renderotica and NextGenPorn! The Affect3d Version, which includes the contents of the comic version and an exclusive […]

The Experiment Bundle

Nicole, a stunning blonde beauty with a successful law career, seems to have it all, but she’s secretly concerned about her declining libido. She’s tried the ‘blue pill’ treatment, but it’s not enough. When she goes back to see her female sexual health specialist, Dr. Valery, about her issue, she has no idea how much […]

The Experiment Chapter Four

Exhausted, Nicole has been pushed beyond her limits and has once more passed out due to the extreme changes her body has undergone. Of course, Dr. Valery isn’t even close to being finished with her newly mutated test subject, and she and her colleague, Dr. Megan, are more than just a little eager to see […]

TEC4 – Trailer

I’ve never been so happy to show you something 😀 So…no more words needed! Enjoy The Experiment Chapter Four Trailer! Out in stores Saturday, May 15!

TEC4 – Development Update #08

Hi there and welcum to the eighth and last (hooray!!!) episode of The Experiment Chapter Four – Development Update! First of all sorry for the long wait, and before the good news let me update you about what happened during the last 4 months of almost nothing. Well, while working on the text I noticed […]

Self Initiation – Release

I talked to you about this comic a week ago, so to know the story behind it please refer to the announcement post! For more details about the comic itself, I lead you to the store page where you’ll find the complete comic description and the links to your favorite store! Oh, and it’s FREE!